Tournament Awards

Slaughterhouse Overall Champion

The Overall Champion is the individual with the highest total score combination of:

  • Battle Points = max 150 (50%)
  • Painting Points x 2.5 = max 75 (25%)
  • Sportsmanship x 2.5 = max 75 (25%)

This represents the best overall player, who does well on the tabletop, but also has a well painted army and is a great opponent to play against.

Warlord Champion

The Warlord Champion is the competitor who has the best win-loss record at the end of the tournament.

Warchief Champion

The Warchief Champion is the person who has the 2nd best win-loss record at the end of the tournament.

NOTE: Warlord and Warchief Champion awards are based strictly on win-loss.

Slaughterhouse Favorite

This award goes to the most favored opponent and the one player of which is the best sport!

The Piglet

This award Is given to the player who comes dead last in battle points! This award has the honor of being presented by those that have come before. Your honor is held among the few, but proud that have stood in the same place as you, but came away with a strong chin and head held high.

The Hog Slayer

Defeated the most Warhogs members at the tournament. This is kept track of by the judges.

The Spamfest

Had the cheesiest or spammiest army at the tournament. This is decided and dictated by the judges!

The Best Team

This will be determined by a collection of total points at the end of the event and kept track of by the judges. This will be dictated by best overall score, paint and sportsmanship will be taken into account.