The Rules

Slaughterhouse GT will follow the Warhammer 40k 8th Edition rules.

  • This is an 2000-point, 3 detachments max, battle-forged event.
  • Army construction must follow 8th edition Matched play army construction rules. Pg 214
  • For an army codex to be legal for the Slaughterhouse GT, it must have been released thirty days before the tournament date (June 19th , 2019). This includes all FAQs and Chapter Approved.
  • All models must clearly represent what they are supposed to be. We will be following the ITC rules regarding heavy modifications/conversions. Proxies will not be allowed.
  • Your models need to be painted to a three color minimum and be based. Any models that are found to be lacking, will be removed from play for the day.
  • Players are expected to have a printed, legible army list to give to each of their opponents prior to the game and one for the judges at check in, in total seven lists – one for the player, one for each opponent, and one for the judge – are required.
  • Players are asked to bring a legal copy of the Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition rulebook and associated Index/Codex books.
  • Judges will be present in order to assist with any questionable rules questions. All judge rulings are final and in place for the tournament.
  • Players are responsible for clearly determining what the various terrain elements will be counted as for determining cover, as well as what type of terrain it is counted as per the rulebook
  • The event missions will be given to players at check-in/registration for the event and will be utilizing the ITC standard missions.